On behalf of my entire team at Blue Horizon and myself, it is with the utmost respect and honor that I extend our appreciation for those who are serving and have served in the US Armed Services.

Unfortunately, for as long as history has been on record, there is virtually been no place on earth spared of the tragedies of war.  Those brave souls who actively participate in war take on the ultimate risk and sacrifice.  Lives are lost with surviving families, spouses, children and friends impacted forever.  The world today, no different than any other time in history requires us to protect our interests both at home and abroad. In a 100% voluntary Armed Services this takes a special individual willing to commit, sacrifice and even give up their lives while protecting us all.

Therefore, take a minute out of your day on this Veterans Day, appreciate and applaud those heroes who put themselves out like “you and I” most likely have not, glorify and extol their efforts, and on this day put them on the highest pedestal for they continue to protect us, continue to sacrifice and yes, continue to lose their lives (for us).

Honor and respect on this Veterans Day!  And….HIRE a VET, keep the job right here in the U.S.A.

Eric Silverman

Chief Operating Officer/Veteran Mentor



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