Utilizing AI in Recruiting HUMANs – Is it an Oxymoron?

For those of you young enough to remember this highly intelligent cast of characters, those years ahead of their time including Rosie from The Jetsons, The Robot from Lost in Space, HAL in 2001 a Space Odyessy and others its rather interesting how technology is now moving towards connecting human beings via ZEROES and ONES to predict who’s going to perform and who’s not on a job.  Hmmmmm!!!

If the #1 reason for a candidate being disqualified (in IT) on an interview is “not being technical enough”, and it is, can you guess what #2 is?  It could be said (at least should be at times) #2 is even more important than the #1 reason.

Hint…. #2 cannot be taught whereas what’s key to #1, technical skills is merely a function of ramp up time, training and a willingness on the part of management to take on some risk. Sure if the delta between what the candidate has to offer and what’s needed is too wide, pass….but when it’s not, make the investment since #2, the candidate’s drive, character, integrity work ethic, persona, ability to communicate effectively, collaborate, etc. is not something you’re going to teach.

Which brings me back to AI….from this senior recruiter’s perspective, someone who has been progressive with technology since the fax machine, I cannot truly envision the time when a programmer will write an algorithm capable of analyzing the candidate’s DNA…..but who really knows?

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