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Let’s Keep Our Jobs On-Shore!!!!

Veterans receive the best training available for the IT sector.  They are smart, disciplined, and they work with agility and efficiency that is simply unmatched.  Why, then, are veterans so underrepresented in IT?  This is the question BHT asked, and this is the solution we came up with.  Introducing Vets 4 IT!


How will Vets benefit your organization?

Veterans Are Prepared – Military veterans receive top tier training from one of the largest organizations in the world.  They learn discipline, time management, and organizational skills that will rival that of the best worker.  They are the masters in their field.

Veterans Provide Diversity – Many companies are making great strides to increase diversity in their workplace.  They will hire minorities, the disabled, etc.  This increase in diversity is fantastic, and BHT celebrates how successful it has been across the country, but one group is sorely underrepresented.  Veterans are a minority group that often struggles to find work, particularly in the IT space, even though they are often far more qualified for the position for which they have been trained.  Increase your diversity, hire Veterans today.

Veterans Commit – A Veteran commits huge amounts of their lives to the United States military.  They eat, sleep, and breath for the military.  When they return to the civilian world, they still maintain this impressive mindset.  These are the people who will truly give your organization 110%.  They will go above and beyond what you ever thought possible.  They will bring your entire workforce to new heights. 




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