“Tell Me About Yourself” or “Step me through your background”

The 2 most common, open ended questions used to kick start your interview.  While it’s quite a simple question to respond to, after all, who knows you better than you, regardless of seniority, it still presents challenges to the candidate.

Simple solution:

  • Think…prior to the interview of course, what does the interviewer “really” want to know?  What don’t they really care about?
  • Then rehearse over and over the “proper” answer which may vary from interview to interview.
  • Then get psyched for the question since it’s coming up and you’re so prepared for battle.


They ONLY want to hear your 3 “relevant” S’s: 1) Your Successes; 2) Your Strengths; 3) The Situation you’d like to be in (all in less than 2 MINUTES, remember this is only to set the tone)

Here’s a YouTube Video I found, which I believe you should find helpful.  Good luck and “knock ‘em dead” on your next interview.

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