Get Battle Ready

Furloughs, Layoffs and Hiring Freezes

Per HRI, “The last thing employees and employers want is lost jobs. It means financial uncertainty for everyone involved, which is why most employers do everything they can to prevent downsizing or prolonged closures”.   Its very true when you consider the cost per hire including recruiting, training and the amount of time spent, its enormous only to have to do it all over again. Not surprising that layoffs are typically a last resort.

HRI goes on to say “reality sometimes forces the situation, as is the case with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Many businesses without the ability to have employees work from home have been ordered to close by the government, compelling employers to make tough decisions— namely, whether to lay off staff or furlough them”.

If you’re impacted do not panic (easier said than done), do not be complacent.  Your current full-time job is to get “Battle Ready” for interviewing.  Take control by creating a masterpiece resume, keep your marketable skills current, fresh and relevant, take the down time to cross train on skills that remain in high demand, just don’t get comfortable, the job will NOT come to you.   Lastly, it’s time to take full advantage of the valuable network you’ve established over the last few years.  It’s time for everyone to pay everything forward!


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