A Tip and a Few Questions for Hiring Success (aka. Closing The Sale)

It’s still a candidate driven market.  And, it will remain that way for years to come in the IT space.  Sure, there are plenty of bright, talented and motivated people out there who, if re-tooled could meet if not exceed your expectations.   However your business sponsors and stakeholders have no patience for ramp up time thus you can’t afford to train.  Kind of like, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” right? So……………. Get ready to “Sell, Sell, Sell”

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • As a hiring manager, am I in sales? Or…..
  • Should I leave the selling (of the company, job, etc.) to HR or the Headhunter?
  • As the hiring manager, aren’t I really the buyer?
  • Is there ever a time where there’s a role reversal; where I actually become the seller?
  • Does the candidate ever become the buyer?
  • Do super star candidates get multiple offers?
  • If necessary do I know how to best sell my opportunity?
  • Superstars don’t grow on trees do they?
  • How often do candidates receive Counteroffers?
  • Is it best that I address the counteroffer during the interview?
  • Do candidates really continue interviewing after they accept my offer?
  • Would a skilled headhunter really steal my new hire right from under me prior to them starting? Really?


  • Is there an opportunity cost associated with turn downs and no shows on Day 1?
  • Do I really need to show my new hire some love and affection before they start? I don’t have the time.
  • Should I keep in touch with my new hire after they accept my offer while their current company rolls out the red carpet trying to convince them to stay and while headhunters are calling them left and right?
  • Is there any value to taking the time to meet my newest hire for breakfast, lunch or dinner before they start?

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