DO NOT Resign Until Your Background Check Is Cleared!

So you’re clean as a whistle, never been arrested (for anything), you haven’t touched the cannabis in at least a month (still not legal in most states), the dates of employment you entered on your application are accurate, you have the degree(s) you say you have and your pay stubs and or W2 (base and bonus) align as close to the $$$ as possible which you told your future employer you’re earning.

You good to go???  NOPE, you’re not!! Not until you’re told.   Do NOT under any circumstances allow your future employer to even pose the ridiculous question, “Do you have anything to worry about?”   And, do not let the external recruiter force you into a start date because he or she wants you in and off the street.  You MUST ALWAYS give a TENTATIVE start date contingent upon passing the background check.

For example, Offer rec’d and accepted on a Monday, say March 1st.   You get squeezed for a start date 2 weeks thereafter, March 15th.   You resign, give your 2 weeks’ notice, tell your employer where to go with their counteroffer and done.   It’s now Friday, March 12th and you’re still not cleared.  It could be for a myriad of honest reasons such as the counties you’ve lived in have not reported back on the criminal check, the college you attended is unresponsive while trying to confirm your degree and worse, you Tom Jones are not the ONLY Tom Jones.

Now I’m sure it’ll all work out, however if you weren’t planning on taking an unforced, unpaid vacation while everyone dots their “I’s” and crosses their “T’s be patient and wait.

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